Digitally Connected Families


The pre-primary and the school students of 2016 were digitally connected, having never known anything other than a digital and connected world. They expected, like the rest of the connected world, to employ their digital technology/ies and connectivity when required, be it in or out of school. It was a reality most governments and schools didn’t recognise or value, obliging a digitally connected generation to learn in an insular paper based paradigm, with Industrial Age structures and processes, leaving their handheld personal computers outside the school.


Digitally Connected Families (ebook)

Authors Mal Lee & Roger Broadie

Since the advent of the Web outside the school walls, young people have used a laissez-faire model of digital education, fundamentally different to the structured linear approach used by the schools.

They moved from relative isolation, with their access to information controlled by adult gatekeepers to being connected to half the world, free to access the learning of the world 24/7/365 anywhere, anytime, from the first years of life.