Our People

Martin Levins

MartinJclassMartin is a science, design, and technology educator with a love for empowerment in learning that has taken him into primary, secondary and tertiary arenas.

In 1993, he pioneered the use of the internet in education at a small regional K-12 school in rural NSW—the first Australian school to do so.

He is also involved in the development and delivery of training on the use of technologies in education for teachers and leaders in Australia and internationally.

Having enjoyed a wide readership as the education columnist for Australian MacWorld magazine for 11 years, he co-authored (with Mal Lee) the seminal text: “Bring Your Own Technology” (ACER press, 2012), and “BYOT: The Digital Evolution of Schooling (February, 2016).

He is a current board member of the ICT Educators New South Wales (ICTENSW), and President of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE), being the peak bodies for NSW and Australia (respectively) for ICT in education.

His personal website is levins.net


Mal Lee

MalLeeMal Lee is an educational consultant and author specializing in the evolution of schooling and teaching, the concepts of the school evolutionary continuum, evolutionary stages of school development and the impact of digital normalisation on school transformation.


His focus in recent years has been on the structural transformation occurring in the pathfinder schools globally and the lessons flowing from those schools, writing extensively on the move to a more collaborative mode of teaching and learning, the inevitable shift to BYOT, the impact of digital normalisation in transforming schooling and the emergence of a global school evolutionary stages continuum.

His most recent publication (with Roger Broadie) is “A Taxonomy of School Evolutionary Changes


Mark Dixon

Mark for Bio

Mark has worked within the Victorian Education Department from 1975 to 2016. During that time, he has had an extensive career working in a number of roles and has developed a range of skills focusing on whole school approach to technology and learning.

He has planned and delivered professional development to teachers, leadership teams and students throughout country NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand. Mark has also presented at a large number of conferences in the above mentioned locations and has served on Navcon Conference and CEGV conference committees.

Mark is the co-author of “Lift Off to Learning – Linking Thinking to Technology” which focused on inquiry based learning and student voice.

Mark has earned the following awards for his work with students – Apple Distinguished Educator, runner up Teacher of the Year Award Computing Education Group of Victoria and more recently Innovative Primary Teacher of the year 2015 Hume Council.

For the past 2 years Mark has been developing a Makers Program at Dallas Brooks Community Primary School. This program is focused on STEAM as well as ensuring student voice, with ownership achieved through the shared development of an inquiry learning process.